Quick Tools

A collection of editor extension utilities designed to improve workflow and simplify common development tasks.

Make Parent


This simple editor extension allows

you to select an object or a group

of objects and instantly make them

the children of a new parent object

using hotkeys or a drop down menu selection.

Drop Objects


This simple editor extension allows you to select an object or a group of objects in the scene view and make them drop to the floor. Similar to what the "End" key does in the UE4 environment, Drop Objects provides a quick way to make objects sit on the underlying geometry without having to tediously place them.

Zero Transform


This simple editor extension provides an easy way to quickly move any object to the origin without having to modify the individual transform values.

Mesh Randomizer

Add Component

This simple script component allows you to assign any number

of meshes in  the inspector and randomly toggle their visibility via

the custom editor button,

"Randomize Meshses".

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