This simple script component allows you to
assign any number of meshes in the inspector
and randomly toggle their visibility via the
custom editor button, "Randomize Meshses".


Import the package to your assets folder.

Note: The custom editor script must reside
      in the editor folder to work properly.
      It will import correctly into the editor
      folder under the Quick Tools hiearchy, but
      it can be moved. If you choose, you can move
      the editor folder to any location in your
      hierarchy or even drop the editor script,
      "MeshRandomizerCustomEditor" into your
      own editor folder wherever it resides.

Either drag the MeshRandomizer script component
onto a game object in the hierarchy or select a
game object and choose "Mesh Randomizer" from the
Tools/Quick Tools flyout in the Component menu. Then,
drag and drop any number of meshes onto the "Meshes"
container on the MeshRandomizer component. Typically,
the meshes will be from the same object on which the
MeshRandomizer script resides and the tool used to
create varied instances of single prefabs.

To use:

Click on the custom editor button, "Ranomize Meshes"
to randomly toggle the visibility for all of the assigned meshes.