Drop Object

This simple editor extension allows you to
select an object or a group of objects and
make them drop to the floor or to other
objects that are on the specified layer
using a hot key or menu selection. The
script uses the mesh renderer bounds to
determine collision, so an object must
have a Mesh Renderer component for the
Drop Objects tool to work with it.


Import the package to your assets folder.

Decide which layer you would like your "Floor"
or "Ground" to be on (the default layer is 10).
Edit layers in the inspector by clicking on the
Layer drop down, and then choose "Add Layer..."
If you are not currently using layer 10 and would
like to continue using that default layer, give it
a name, i.e. "Ground" or "Floor". If you would like
to use another layer number, open the DropObject
script in your script editor and change the layer
number (static int _layerNumber = 10;) to any
number of layer that you choose. Then, name the
layer whatever you like. Finally, be sure to
assign your chosen layer to the floor, terrain,
or ground object that you wish to have objects
drop to.

To use:

Select an object or group of objects in the hierarchy
or scene and either press the hot key combination
(Ctrl-F by default) or select "Drop Objects" from the
Tools/Quick Tools dropdown in the menu bar. The
selected objects will fall until they hit the
collision point of the layer filtered entity.